Question: What is wedding photojournalism?

Answer: Photojournalism presents a story through the use of pictures. This style of photography provides more of a documentary approach and avoids the posed, and prompted look that more traditional wedding photographers might use. While there is nothing at all wrong with the traditional style of wedding photography and may in fact, be preferred by some couples, I feel that wedding photojournalism provides a more natural collection of pictures that better capture the true joy and celebration of a wedding day. In addition, a wedding photojournalist is less obtrusive and allows the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding guests rather than posing for pictures.


Question: Even though you are a photojournalist, do you take formal group photos or photos that we may specifically want?

Answer: Formals are kept to a minimum and are photographed with the concentration on expression. Photojournalism concentrates on finding individual moments and photographing them from interesting angles to show you a side of your day you would never have seen. That being said, I will try my best to accommodate requested photos and formals that you want during your wedding day.


Question: You offer a totally digital package. How do we actually see the wedding photos?

Answer: Yes, I offer a totally digital package for couples working on budgets and for couples that like to take control of putting together their own albums. After editing the wedding images I will transfer them onto one or more CD-ROMs. You can then bring the CD-ROMs to any digital photo-lab and have prints made. Alternatively, I also display the photos on an online web gallery for your friends and family to easily view and order prints.


Question: How long will you keep the online web gallery up for ordering of additional prints?

Answer: At no additional cost, I will keep your photos up on the online web gallery for 12 months.


Question: What is the DVD slideshow?

Answer: Wedding DVD slideshows are quickly becoming very popular. It is an easy and fun way to share your memories with your family and friends. The slideshow displays your wedding photos in a video format accompanied by music of your choice, and can be played in any DVD player to display on your television set.


Question: How many hours do you typically stay at a wedding? How many images do you take at a wedding?

Answer: I stay up to 8 hours at a wedding. You can expect me to photograph between 250-650 digital images.


Question: Do you require a booking fee for a wedding?

Answer: Yes, I request a $400.00 booking fee and ask the couple to pay the remaining amount of the wedding two weeks before the wedding date.


Question: After my wedding, how long do I have to wait to see my wedding images?

Answer: After the wedding, I will go over the digital images to select up to 100 photographs for the online web gallery and for printing. Depending on the number of images, it takes 1-2 weeks to put your photographs in an online web photo gallery and 2-4 weeks to have your finished CD-ROMs and DVDs in your hands. Prints and photo books will take up to 4-6 weeks. Custom designed coffee table books will take 8-12 weeks.